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Just Going For It

Just as this post title states, I am just going to start writing without knowing the outcome here. My blog posts have been a bit sparse and slow in coming, as my time has been more devoted to school and continuing to let go of barriers I have placed around my capacity for happiness.  Manifesting a happier, healthier life is always an interesting process.  Every time I run into a wall of resistance, I know it could take a good amount of detective work to figure out what this barrier is constructed of.  It can be upsetting at times. However, if I keep my intentions clear and I am willing to go through the emotions, my guidance will get me to my destination.  No matter what the actual goal or outcome is, this always leads to a deeper understanding of myself and a deeper capacity for love.

My latest detective work revolved around me allowing a wonderful, flexible, high-paying job I can perform from my new home. I was told by two highly developed psychic/energy healers that this will certainly come to pass.  In a spiritual card reading, I also pulled two cards for myself that confirmed this outcome. I have no doubt this manifestation will come into my life path soon.  It is also interesting to note that both the psychic/energy readings and my card reading brought to my attention that I need to give this desire over to God and stop overthinking things. In other words, let go of the paddles and go downstream, as Abraham Hicks so often says. I was only getting in my own way and causing myself more dis-ease and illness.

Another bit of guidance I received from the Abraham Hicks cards, was to tell a different story of my past. A book I  am currently reading called The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D., also suggests how to retell stories of upsetting events from your past. For example, instead of thinking I nearly failed out of my senior year in high school because I didn’t do my work and I missed a lot of school days, I could reframe it as I was really suffering through a massive amount of depression and personal pain, and my body and mind was experiencing sensory overload both from home and school. How could I expect to handle the pressures of my senior year when all my energy was going toward survival. After taking the initial blame away I could finally reframe it as, I did the best I could with the internal and external resources I had available at the time. Perhaps then it wasn’t all bad as I did accomplish a great deal despite my challenging circumstances and it really is alright. Everything I experience is essentially good because it leads me toward growth and self-discovery. My resulting capacity for love is huge! So really, I succeeded in my goal of developing myself as a spiritual teacher.

Through this current discovery process, the more I let go, the more I gain. I tend to be rigid in my routines and expectations for myself and need to remember there is no such thing as linear time, it is all happening at once in endless realities I am choosing at each instant of my existence. There is no need to worry. I can ALWAYS choose something better and it is NEVER too late.

At first thought, the idea of just going for it would suggest action, but the more I relearn the art of manifesting, the more I realize it is about relaxing into love and taking inspired action when it feels best to do so. And by that I mean, go about your day as you would blessing it with ease and harmony, and when you feel that delicious inkling to just do something you have been wanted to do or a sudden inspired impulse, by all means, do it! The outcome is usually joyful and exciting or just a feeling of satisfied relief. I picture it as turning around to face front, relaxing your death grip on your oars, and enjoying what is right in front of you while directing your boat with ease when necessary or when wanted. The first step though is always just relaxing. I also see myself as a child learning to float of my back, head back, arms out, belly slightly up, and just breath…that relaxes me just thinking of it.

“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” ~ Gandhi~

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” ~ Tony Robbins~