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Saying “Yes!” to my Gifts

Recently, I have become aware that I have certain gifts as a healer. We all have gifts to heal, but I was encouraged to develop a specific gift of energy work to bring healing and love to others.  I believe we all have what one would term “psychic” ability. It is our intuitive ability, our “gut” feeling about things. Or it is our ability to pray and speak to God/spirit/the universe/our higher selves.  Whatever it is labeled, it is a powerful innate force within every single person. All of the unseen energies of the world affect us greatly in our daily lives. The energy of gravity keeps us physically rooted to this planet earth. The energy of sound waves delights our ears with music, conversation, or noise. Light energy gives our eyes a symphony of colors and shapes that we interpret as we like. There is the energy that courses through our body from the miracle of cells, composed of atoms, composed of particles.  I have always been a very sensitive person to the energies I feel in a room, in which I reacted to by being shy as a child because I did not understand what was happening. Now I know I was picking up on all the energy of the people around me and I did not know how to interpret it all; it felt overwhelming and scary.

I developed many disorders as a teenager and young adult to cope with my sensitivity and created negative life experiences because of this misunderstanding. I just didn’t know this sensitivity was a gift!  As an adult, the more I learn of the energetic and spiritual realms, the happier I become. I now know, life is not about toil and struggle. It is not A=B=C.  Life is a dance, it can be fun to come up with new ways things can be accomplished and created, to take a break from routine, to delight in the unexpected.

I recently received my 2nd spiritual reading from a lovely psychic; whom I must say has changed my life since my soul led me discover her over a year ago at a spiritual expo.  As I sat down to listen to a mini lecture of what she does for her clients, she picked me for a free demonstration.  My intuition told me I would be selected for her demonstration and she proceeded to hand out cards with a number on them.  When she called my number I walked up to the chair in front of the audience.  She balanced my chakras, then whispered in my ear, ” Have you been looking for a job?”

I replied, “Yes.”

She then whispered, “Don’t worry. You will find one in about two months.”

I was stunned and excited. Two months later I was hired for my current full-time job.  As I began wanting more confirmation on my which way my life was headed, I scheduled a full reading with her about six months later. She confirmed things I never thought would happen to me.  These were good things, getting married, having children, having a successful career as a mural artist, and eventually a writer.  I wrote as fast as I could so I could recount all the exciting details to my mother when I returned home.  I learned who my spirit guides were and which angels were around me and even received a beautiful message from my grandmother, whom I had never met.  I left floating on a cloud and became transfixed by my exciting future ahead.  She left me with hope for my life that I had never experienced before.  I was terrified of repeating negative family patterns and now I stand confident to create the life of my dreams.  She also told me during that reading I would be moving into my own place again in May of the next year.  It is now March and I moving!  Needless to say I trust her readings. She is humble, accurate, and a very healing person to be around.

During my second reading, what impressed upon me the most was that I am a healer. I think it was because I always knew this from the time I was very young. In kindergarten, I had this strong desire to be like Jesus, selfless, kind, and a healer. When I was a bit older I wanted to be like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. I also adored my grandfather, one of the most kind and selfless people I have ever known. Now I mean selfless in the sense that his ego rarely got in the way of his kindness.

So my lovely psychic friend suggested I try Reiki and told me I would be very good at this. She gave me a mini lesson and had me try it on her. It terrified and exhilarated me all at once. As I quieted my inner critic, I picked up on an energetic issue in her life. It was amazing. She also let me know I have a skill at psychometry, reading the energy of something I touch or hold. I tried that also as she thrust a ring she was wearing into my palm, and I accurately named the energy of the stone in her ring. She described images of me in a past life as a healer, mixing tinctures and handing them out to people.  She gave me the precious gift of confidence in an ability I already knew deep down in my soul, that I had. Now when I feel my hands buzzing, I can dig a little deeper for the message and trust  that I am meant to use this gift.

What gifts might you have that you are not allowing?

“Be assured that, at the right time, God will provide you with the right words to say and a boldness to say them that you never thought possible.” ~Dr. Bruce Wilkinson~

“Thriving is as natural as breathing itself.  By relaxing often and breathing deeply, your natural thriving is enhanced.” ~Abraham-Hicks~

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What I thought I wanted is not what I wanted…

I thought I wanted a steady full time job with benefits, going to the same place every day, seeing the same people, doing the same thing. I wanted to have reliable pay, and spend less gas money; and since all Americans are required to have medical benefits now, why not? Well, I can say it is better than any of my previous run of the mill office positions I have had. I have great coworkers, a nice location, a good looking building, and I am actually noticed and acknowledged by the upper management and executives. I can’t really complain too much, plus the pay is decent. It really was the answer to my prayers, temporarily.

How is it that our desires and preferences change so frequently? How is it one morning we like ice cream, heavy metal, and feel like running 10 miles and the next morning we prefer classical music, fruit, and yoga? It’s been said that the only constant in life is change. Change is ever present, from birth to death, back to the spirit world and on we go. It is the “thing” from which we evolve. The only constant is the very core of who we are, our God-center, our higher self, our universal consciousness. Bashar says there is no such thing as time. We are constantly choosing different realities, millions of times per second and that is what makes up our “time”. He likens it to a movie reel, where each still frame creates a moving picture, a story of our life.
I don’t mean to reach so far out to delve into my idea, but I guess it all comes down to our constant choices of reality. What is real for us? What do we want to be real for us? And how do we change it?

I often times get frustrated because being a deliberate creator seems like so much work, so much studying and learning. I moan and groan to myself, to others. I buy into other people’s realities that aren’t so great. But somehow I keep redetermining my power as a manifester.
The most important thing I have learned upon my journey in this lifetime is do not put any limits on the ways in which you can create what you want. Try as many techniques as makes you happy because each one builds upon the other even if they seem unrelated or conflicting.
So what do I really want? In the short term, to be a successful artist. In the long term, to never stop creating while developing the most peaceful world I can and to be happy of course!

Now is the time to take powerful, positive action!!! I do not regret getting this job because it has succinctly led me to this conclusion. The signs are becoming more obvious as to where I will be next and I am more than ready to delve into that journey. Instead of creating a problem out of my not so preferred current reality choices, I am building upon what is already here. Pretty soon, knowing I am wanting change will be a springboard to the next level of my existence.
My third eye is buzzing, my heart is fluttering, my body is yearning.
Happy manifesting!

“Listen to your heart. Once you find the beat, you will always walk in tune.” ~Anonymous~

“We are the power source of our own lives. We decide whether to turn ourselves on or off.” ~Michele Nelson~