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I’m Dreaming…


What would it take for you to follow your dreams and push yourself into your happy space? Do you let the opinions of others sway what’s in your heart? I have let the many opinions of others affect my beliefs and choices over the years, but the power of the heart and the power of the spirit is unending and I continually come back to my senses. I find myself on the cusp of something and I do not want to stop.  I am finally taking this manifesting thing seriously, as in it is not just a distant concept or something I try to do once in a while.  This is the only way I can now live my life and I know that every day, every week that goes by, I improve my efforts, my beliefs, and my thought processes.  And of course at the center of all of that is my heart.  I realize my heart does not just keep my physical body alive, it is the life force and connector of all there is.  The energy of the heart is so intense, it can overcome any obstacle presented in all paths of life.

I have been listening to a few new teachers lately, Kryon (an angelic being channelled by Lee Carroll), Eckart Tolle, and Sonia Choquette.  They are all extremely unique and different, but the essence of these teachers’ words and all the teachers I have ever read or listened to is connecting to the heart.  Our heart is like our direct line to source, the higher self, the essence of the universe.  Now when I am afraid or feeling hurt or confused, I know exactly where to turn.  I find something to remind me of where I came from, or as Abraham says so often “get into the vortex and then…” So, I am diving on in, because what happens when I do is incredible! And sometimes I have to stay in that quiet place for quite some time to find myself again, but I always do.

So many people are awakening to the true nature of being human.  Dysfunction and suffering will always exist in the physical plane to a certain extent however, I see bright lights everywhere or maybe I am just more tuned into the people who are beacons of hope and personal power.

I see or sense this light all around me now, all the time.  It is in my cat who knew he was mine the second he stepped into my home.  It is in the sunshine and nature that surrounds me, bringing me peace and healing.  It is in paying off of dept and going back to school.  It is in the words of this blog as I stretch my muscles as a writer.  It is in the hundreds of YouTube videos offering free teaching and tools to help me live my life at a higher vibration. It is in an unexpected hug from my brother for washing the sink full of dishes after he made a delicious dinner.  And the best part of all of this is the more I learn and apply, the less drudgery I realize is needed to live the happy life of my dreams.  Simply focus on what gives you joy and ask for what you are wanting, and of course let go and let it in.

So, what is the point of this happy ranting?  I recently received and unexpected gift from the universe after I simply asked and did not negate that asking with doubts and reasons it would not work.  I saw a voice over job that I wanted to do, but did not know how I could with my work schedule.  Normally, I would wistfully ask and become awash in the seeping doubts as to why it wouldn’t work and why I did not deserve to have it.  This time I stopped and said, “I do not have to know how, simply what.”  The next day I was contacted by the casting company that listed the job and asked to do a print job ( not the voice over job, but just as good) paying the most money I had ever made on a gig, the equivalent to half a months pay at my full-time job. I had one floating holiday left for the year and I will be using it to do this job.  I was in shock, in a good way, the rest of the day. In the past I would have thought this blessing was a lucky occurance or it could only come from hard work. But I know it is the truth revealing itself when resistance is gone.

I have also been working on releasing my rigid concept of linear time. Knowing that time is actually round and full and rich with possibilities eases the pressure of having to know how my many dreams could possibly happen. It is like the blinders have been take off my eyes and I can see everywhere all at once and it is glorious.

“It’s okay to get in the muck of my human experiences and not doubt my divine goodness.” ~Sonia Choquette ~

“Nothing is more important than that I feel good…” ~ Abraham-Hicks~

Author: mmnelson827

I am a free thinker and freedom lover. I tend to be introverted, but yearn to bust loose sometimes too! This blog idea came about because I love discussing the law of attraction and anything related. There are so many approaches to life, it is sometimes mind-boggling, but I love to learn and discover new mind-sets, approaches, practices, and explore my ever expanding consciousness. As Abraham says, "Life is supposed to be fun!" Thanks for reading:)

6 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming…

  1. Michelle congratulations!!!! You are so right on, I loved what you wrote. Not to mention the awesome opportunity you just landed! Believing in yourself goes a long way, I’m so excited for you!

  2. thanks for your “happy ranting” i love it. always makes all of us smile to read about someone enjoying the life’s unfolding, right? have fun and smiles coming right back to ya! mikey

    • Hi Mikey,
      Thanks for your like and your comment!! I am still fairly new to blogging and it makes me feel great that my words are reaching others and hopefully inspiring a little too😊

  3. beautiful post! a very uplifting way to start my sunday morning. 🙂 thanks! aleya (ps, i love kryon!)

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