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Celebrate Your Wow Moments!!!


Taking time to celebrate your wow moments gives you complete freedom to be who you are as well as everyone else to be who they are.

This topic came to me after listening to Some Bashar videos.  Bashar is an entity channeled by Darryl Anka, similar to Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, but more technical and scientific.  He delivers the same basic message of focusing your thoughts and feelings passionately on what you are wanting, but if you have ever wondered about the human concept of time and how our world is structured, he is excellent for fulfilling that curiosity.


This is something I have to remind myself of often, for if some amazing realization or accomplishment occurs and you do not “milk it” as Abraham says, the positive flowing energy can pass you by.  Mentally I understand the benefit of doing this, but it is challenging not to buy into the mainstream habit of celebrating your negative dramas.  Even when I am in the midst of this negative celebration, I try to get quiet and listen to find a gentle way to bring myself back into the positive celebrations.  I am currently in the midst of a negative celebration.  I have not been honoring my creative self or taking steps to further my creative career and the universe has been subtly reminding me of what my higher self is seeking.  This inner imbalance has manifested itself not only physically, which I decided to medicate by getting prescription pharmaceuticals and continue to ignore the inner guidance I am receiving, but now it is manifesting through a deeper unhappiness.  So after listening to Abraham this morning, I decided to follow one of their suggestions.  I wrote down what I want in my life as well as what I want to be doing.  This is what came about.


I want people I am in harmony with around me; meaning people who help me to be in alignment with source.  I want an atmosphere that is soothing and uplifting and joyful and freeing.  I want to be doing that which enlivens me and feels joyful and magical.  When I create something, it is exciting and fun and a reciprocal gift.  I want to find clarity about my desires.  I want to let go of the resistance.  I am feeling I want to take the shackles off that I have placed on myself to “fit in” and ‘be normal”.  I want to feel how source wants me to feel.  No restrictions, no pressure.  That newer, higher functioning, leading edge thought process.  I want to speak out in ways that others will understand and be myself.  I want to trust my desires and guidance that I receive.  I want to let go!

I am so tired of holding on; I want to let go of that slippery jagged rock, with the rushing, cold water hitting me and stinging me, making me cry and flail and doubt everything I am.  I want to turn my head and focus on the glimmer of light that I see up ahead.  I want to trust that if I let go and just let what  is unpleasant ride itself out, up ahead is the most beautiful, pleasant, fun, enlivening stream where I can relax and heal and reclaim my well-being.

Right now I am getting what I am fearing because I am turned away from source.  I am seeing darkness and believing lies, even if there are others who bring sparks of light  to those lies and they are beacons of hope, it is still an upstream focus.  However, upstream is not bad, it is only the unnatural direction to go.  So you are worn out, blinded, hungry, and lost, when all you have to do is turn around, let go, and open your being to the abundance that is there for you.  That is what I want, that is who I want to be.

I am free.  I am me.  No one can stop me from being me.

Dear heavenly father  and mother, the source of all that is, guide me and help me to hear that guidance, see with my true eyes and love with my true heart.


The more we can realize our  wow moments and what they have to teach, the clearer our guidance will become.  And the next step is to take the inspired action.  How do we know it is inspired?  Because your heart and head will sing in harmony.


“Kulia I Ka  Nu’u” (Strive for the highest peak) ~Hawaiian proverb~


“Be deeply and passionately truthful.  Friends will soon join you: For that which is deeply true for one person is so for everyone.” ~Auguste Rodin, French sculptor~



Author: mmnelson827

I am a free thinker and freedom lover. I tend to be introverted, but yearn to bust loose sometimes too! This blog idea came about because I love discussing the law of attraction and anything related. There are so many approaches to life, it is sometimes mind-boggling, but I love to learn and discover new mind-sets, approaches, practices, and explore my ever expanding consciousness. As Abraham says, "Life is supposed to be fun!" Thanks for reading:)

5 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Wow Moments!!!

  1. i need to watch some more bashar. 🙂 the clips i’ve seen are all interesting and resonate, but i’m so used to abraham that i always go there first! i can really relate to your post, esp the creativity/career thing. i think there are many of us on a path where we want to be aligned with source in ALL aspects of our life. it can be challenging (for me) which is why i’m glad there are so many youtubes to keep me in a good/better-feeling place. aleya

    • Hi Aleya!
      I apologize if I have sent multiple replies. I can’t tell if they are sending or not on my phone. I must say I really love your Bashar quote on your latest post. I agree that to follow your excitement is not so much a forced or planned thing, but being open in each moment for those things that just click. I have to remind myself of that often. I used to think, “If I just work harder, I will get there”. But it’s the opposite. Now when I am negatively focused or off course, I slow down and listen. Spend more time under the bridge as Abraham says😊
      Thanks for reading! I look forward to reading more of yours!

      • this is the only reply i’ve seen! 🙂 thanks, i love the bashar quote too! i think there comes a point where we surrender to the fact that what we’ve been doing for so long (working hard) hasn’t really been working for us and that by surrendering, we have nothing to lose. (i can hear abraham laughing right now…’why do humans like to make things so hard…’). thank you for visiting my blog! aleya

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >Celebrate Your
    Wow Moments!!! | Adventures of Spirit <Liked it!

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